What the hell is idden?

Some English dialect?
Maybe, but don't ask me which dialect!

So how come?
Well, this collection includes some of the darkest, even doomiest tracks we ever did so far, especially the title-track. While working on the edits words associated with the mood circulated around.

Dark Space? Ridiculous ..
Dark Star? Reserved by the Deadheads.
Dark Planet? A bit too ordinary.

" Forbidden Planet" would be great but already exists (wonderful movie and the soundtrack a milestone in electronic music)

"Hidden Planet" quite realistic, but not so poetic.
Well now "idden": that's an intersection of the words "hidden" and forbidden".

Why realistic?
Even though extrasolar planets have been found recently, most Planets of the universe are still hidden, especially the Earth-sized ones (much too small and much too close to the central star). So it is very likely the family of hidden planets includes the Earth itself. And even if any extraterrestrial intelligence will discover it, it will discover the past.

Referring to the Voyager-missions in the seventies, some ESA-representative quoted on the radio: "Only NASA-scientists can be romantic in a way, that they actually hope some aliens will listen to a golden record from planet Earth." (And this romanticism might to a certain degree be owed to Hollywood ...)

Anyway it's your choice as what you want to take the hidden planet: Something very far or something very close.

Which leads us back to Forbidden Planet, which in the end appears to be a Freudianized Shakespeare-pattern wrapped in glorious sci-fi-settings. Now guess who the cruel and unseen monster is! Stop guessing! Better watch the movie!