psychotic carnival

Following the seemingly ambitious production of last month's Grapevine Blues, Das Hertz is back here at its most authentic: Just two tracks drawn from two sets from one session. No gimmicks! Apart from being just the second half from the first set (the first half was crap), track one doesn't contain any edits. Just a few bumps were removed on track two. Most efforts were made in spicing and spacing up the sound. (Almost the same as on 40 Minuten).

The twenty minutes of Set Two (starting at 11:13) might contain some of the most adventurous improvisations we ever recorded.

The relation to carnival comes from the recording date (31-01-2008) and the publishing date (with Cologne Carnival Season soon to start on 11th of the 11th). The psychotic aspect is related to some really unpleasant events which took place at the time of the recording. For various reasons a couple of people from Guido's wider circle of friends were driven to ask for psychiatric treatment. (Check out Guido's older artistic personas here and there for exploring further relations to carnival.)

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