pzm 38

This is the other version of the HertzTrio featuring Martin Ziegler on rhodes and synth and again Guido on Bass and Wolli on drums. This time we present the jazzier side of the group, recorded at one session on May 11th 2008.

This trio, by the way, is the only incarnation of the group ever to have practiced in a more conventional way. The one and only real composition, the "Drama Waltz", only found its way on tape in fragments in the "hunting"-versions by the guitar-trio.

The Martin Ziegler HertzTrio is a bit unlucky concerning recording. We should maybe podcast half of an hour of silence - during the best performance this formation ever did, they unfortunately didn't notice that the record button wasn't pushed. Other recordings were also more or less "spoiled" for stupid reasons, including this one: It was unnoticed that the wrong sampling-rate was chosen for recording (38 KHz). An old DAT-tape was used that started to crumble to pieces after third listening. And this although the best available microphones were used (pressure zone microphones, in short, PZM).

Well, now you know where this sequel's title comes from. Anyway, remastering went well and the music hopefully speaks for itself. It was a relaxed session indeed.

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