grapevine blues

Does a simple minor-third in the bass-line make up an entire Holland-Dozier-Holland-composition? Certainly not! But after enjoying the most part of this album at a party, our good old friend Michael Frank quoted "this one almost sounds like ?" that 1968 Marvin Gaye anthem. Naturally this association never was our intention, but nevertheless a useful hint for the entitling of the track. And since that track (collaged versions appearing in several interludes) makes up a leitmotif of this collection, the entire podcast happened to be baptised like the track.

"Blues" is not too much to be taken as a stylistic tag (who will deny an deep root influence anyway) but rather the attitude of "laid-back improvising" and a clue to a certain melancholic mood. Light melancholy I'd say, fitting perfect to the mood of the declining summer: grape-harvest-season! That's why you hear this one now. (Recordings actually were made in autumn and springtime, but don't mind.)

Once again this is a group's favourite, probably the most accessible thing we ever did and maybe a recommendation to neophytes. By the way this is the very first collection from the podcast-series to be finished. It could have become the group's third web-album, if it wasn't recorded by the guitar-based power-trio in the first case and if the podcast-idea didn't emerge anyway. Read more about it on the details page.

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