40 minuten

This is a collective improvisation lasting 40 minutes. No edits this time but a couple of guests, making up a HertzSeptet. The intro might take a couple of minutes. A good chance for finishing vacuum-cleaning, visiting the bathroom or preparing a coup of tea. Or just sit down and relax for the ascending fireworks of cacophony. :)

The session initially was announced as an Absurd-/ d.saster-date. But as the current rhythm-section couldn't show up, Wolli and Guido were invited as a temporary replacement, making the Hertz line-up complete. Since Hertz were the more active formation at the time, they appeared to be pretty well-coordinated. Thus the quartet (maybe instinctively trying to prove its abilities) somewhat occupied the session and the result made its way to the Hertz repertoire.

As it has been said, no edits in the main section of this recording. But still spiced and spaced up in the mastering-process. Enjoy!

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