trommelfrei pianorausch

Puns in German can become much too confusing even for Germans. A "drum-free piano-intoxication", what is the meaning of this?

Well, firstly -yeah! again you guessed it!- there are no drums on this recording. As we told you already somewhere else on this website, the group had an agreement, that gaps in the line-up will not cause cancellations of sessions. So there shouldn't be a problem to jam without drummer. And it wasn't indeed.

But what about "piano-intoxication"? That's because of the noise: Low-noise, white noise or pink noise as well as murmur, roar, rapture or intoxication, all these things are usually called "Rausch" or "Rauschen" in German. The noise here comes from the Fender-Rhodes piano, a defective effect unit to be exact. It appears almost as an additional instrument.

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