Welcome to our Podcast Album Series!

This was our monthly music supply for 2009 (approximately 30 to 60 minutes each sequel and lacking the 12th sequel for december 2009). We call it "Podcast Albums".

In 2007 and 2008 after finishing the double-CD Electric Gentry we were still quite prolific, simply by continuing the way we started. We loved and still love it. But it all did appear more as a kind of continuing process, but not as such big leaps in progress. And while producing so many new songs we didn't want to bother with entitling, cover art and stuff. Since we were into web-albums anyway, the podcast appeared to be the adequate medium for our constant flow of output. In January 2009 (with nine sequels finished) we felt brave enough to spread it to the world. So here you are!

You may consider this to be our minor works but hopefully you may find it of major pleasure. Our major works will continue to appear as web-albums with cover-art and track-listing (occasionally the tracks in the podcasts may be entitled here as well). Our future premium works naturally will be something else. ;-)

We keep the option of coming back to the podcast-album format on a non-regular basis.


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