albums for download

Music is primarily there for being heard and not even secondly for being sold. And since we're so rich from our day jobs, our remaining urge is to become famous, beloved, respected and highly influential. So it's a simple rational conclusion that some hundreds of downloads a year work much better than stocks of overproduced CDs collecting dust in the practice room. And as a debutant you'll rather have to give all your media away for free promotional wise than being able to sell any. So what's the matter to bother with?

Our past and future two-mike-to-stereo output will remain available free via the web. Maybe if we become more ambitious we'll temporarily swap to hardware media. Some old fashioned vinyl would be stylish for instance. Limited editions with individual scratches on each copy hand crafted by the artists themselves. How do you think about that?

In late 2006 on the So-Healthy-Music homepage there was a talk about a series of albums by Das Hertz. Considering our production methods one might expect there should be a long array of them already in 2008. And now? Still just the two debut albums? Just he old crap? This group must be lazy!

Not quite. Indeed we are pretty lazy but we've been producing several hours of output. Now in 2009 we are proud to present it in our Podcast Album Series.