electric gentry

That's what we did during the rehearsals for our summer 06 live appearances (one of them being part of c/o-pop-festival). By the way: theese were our debut gigs. Well, this is the advantage of being an improvisational group: You just have to play everything once in your live and be lucky enough to have your output more or less decently taped. And soon you'll own a huge body of work! Just watch us: two gigs and some rehearsals make one double-CD album. This is instant composing in it's most effective! Right?

Track 10 was recorded on our stage-debut itself. the only track not to be edited except for the start que.

The CD-Version differs a bit from the online version: It features fluxional transitions between the songs. So make sure you are burning with "disc-at-once"method with breaks lowered to zero.

1. Welcome to the Ground Floor (Peters, Ziegler, Erfen, Dieckmann) 6:09
2. Barbed Hook Line (Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters) 3:31
3. Verkaufsschlager / Drama II (Erfen, Ziegler, Dieckmann, Peters) 8:54
4. Kernfusion (Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters) 3:31
5. Dedicated to Amy G. Dala (Erfen, Ziegler, Dieckmann, Peters) 3:32
6. Release Flight (Peters, Ziegler, Dieckmann, Erfen) 5:01
7. Baby Snow Pusher (Peters, Erfen, Dieckmann) 1:54
8. Umlaut / Echo A. (Erfen, Dieckmann, Ziegler, Peters) 8:21
9. Well ... (Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters) 0:54
10. In Fluenza (Ziegler, Peters, Dieckmann, Erfen) 10:48
11. Barbed Hook Again (Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters, Ziegler) 3:35
12. Multi-Funk-Tional (1 - 4) (Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters, Ziegler, Frank) 22:32
13. Worldwide (after a Good Meal) (Erfen, Peters, Dieckmann) 2:07
14. Electric Eel / Protozoa (Ziegler, Erfen, Dieckmann, Peters) 11:16
15. Alle Vöglein sind schon da (Erfen, Ziegler, Peters, Dieckmann) 4:16
16. Lugosi (Erfen, Peters, Ziegler, Dieckmann) 4:47
17. Another Take but Five (Erfen, Peters, Dieckmann) 3:23
18. Relaxado (Ziegler, Erfen, Peters, Dieckmann) 3:37
Total time: 1:45:06
cat: shm 0602
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