what we do

We improvise a lot, we record a lot, but we rarely appear on stage. So we could be described as a kind of studio-group. But there isn't a decent studio either. Everything we do is taped down with a stereo-mike and thanks to modern software enhanced to some hi-fi stereo impression. Actually it's no-fi. But after all, all pop music is really no-fi, isn't it?

Nevertheless we have huge plans about our future. Which means we have serious plans to return on stage. Our efforts in improving our sound becoming even more serious! We never would bother our audience with uninspired performances! So meanwhile our bassist does a lot of editing on or recordings which makes us sound like really great! But that's pop, isn't it?

No one dared to believe. But here is the clear evidence. We're a pop band! Yeah! (Eeeek! Pigeonholing!)