A German stamp from 1957 with the portrait of Heinrich HertzA German stamp from 1957 with the portrait of Heinrich Hertz

about the name

The group's name is a pun. While being the grammatically adequate expression for the unit of frequencies, the German term "Das Hertz" phonetically sounds like "the heart" (in German: "das Herz"). The heart has a beat and Das Hertz generates rhythm, along with loads of other frequencies from old-fashioned oscillators and all the usual stuff.

In certain cases "the heart" could also mean "the centre" or "the core". "Core" could be understood as a basic idea of the group itself reflected in their way of doing things: reducing the number of musicians in order to achieve transparency in sound, avoiding lengthy fun sessions in order to keep the music in a constant process, recording directly to stereo in order to save time for playing and not to bother with multiple mix-down choices later, editing the results drastically in order to distill the essence of ideas and -due a constant lack of time- forcing the group to concentrate upon results at scarce recording dates.

In sake for making all confusion perfect, the unit "hertz" is named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz. The family-name Hertz may be not etymologically connected to "the heart" but rather to "Hirsch" which means "deer".