left to right: Michael, Guido & Martinleft to right: Michael, Guido & Martin

history and members

Our group consists of three programmers, two painters, one professional and two soloists which make exactly four members. The photo on the left shows three of us.

Our musical backgrounds and likings are somewhat varied. There is jazzman Martin Ziegler (fender rhodes & synthesizer), loop experimentator and frippertronics adept Michael Peters (midified sustainer guitar & electronics), mercurial drummer Wolli Dieckmann who has passed through countless bands and styles and last not least former sampling specialist GeeNerve aka Guido Erfen who just switched to bass guitar not too long ago.

The group started as an offshoot from a project named D.Saster, a free-form subsidiary of a long living band called The Absurd (not to be mistaken for the nazi-metal band with a similar name).